Hi!  I’m Minu.  Welcome!

I’m an Artist!  I’m also a health care provider & health advocate.

“I’m the author of my personal autobiography, which is titled Misfit. I enjoy feeding my passion for art and style by continuing to evolve as a visual artist and author. My primary medium is painting created with oil and acrylics.” ~Minup

Growing up Minu was always drawn to art and creative writing. While living in a New York, she started exploring with paint brushes and oil paints.  Minu loved to sketch.  At times, she wanted to be a architect or a designer.  

“I like to believe I am a kind of person who uses both sides of the brain.” As life progressed, Minu found serving sick people became rewarding. What she found was that Art can be helpful in various aspects of life as well as in healing.  

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