About Minu Parti Verma

“I’m the author of my personal autobiography, which is titled Misfit. I enjoy feeding my passion for art and style by continuing to evolve as a visual artist and author. My primary medium is painting created with oil and acrylics.” ~Minup


Minu Verma, Health Care Provider and Advocate & Artist

Growing up Minu was always drawn to art and creative writing. While living in New York, she started exploring with paint brushes and oil paints. Minu loved to sketch.  At times, she wanted to be a architect or a designer.  

“I like to believe I am a kind of person who uses both sides of the brain.” As life progressed, Minu found serving sick people became rewarding. What she found was that Art can be helpful in various aspects of life as well as in healing. That is when her career in the health field blossomed. 

After losing her mom in 2020, Minu started painting again. Her daughter’s encouraged her to be more artistic and said “instead of crying, why don’t you pick up your paint brushes? You used to paint in New York!”, so that’s exactly what she did. Initially, Minu started with black and red, because her mom wore red lipstick everyday, until the end. All of Minu’s artwork is dedicated to her mother. Her mother was artistic, played music instruments and this site is in honor of her. 

Moms Red lipstick from Minu Verma

“My art is a part of me and I’ve been inspired by various artists and events throughout my life.”

As for Minu’s interest in fashion, that comes from my having worked in the fashion industry in New York prior to moving to California. She was a successful print model there in California as well as internationally. She also taught modeling and produced fashion shows.

“I still have a passion for style and fashion, so you might ask yourself, how do health and fashion fit together?” 

Because, health is always in fashion. The healthier you are, the better you feel. When you have a healthy glow, it makes you look your best and you wear your clothes best. Good health makes people more confident as they encounter others, and confidence is the ‘soul of fashion’.

“I receive lots of support from my husband and my daughters. My daughters are another of my inspirations and they encourage me to create things apart from the sexist world we inhabit and ‘to live outside of the box’.” ~Minup


Minu has a master’s degree in emergency health A.T. Still University (ATSU), and a physician assistance from U.C. Davis. She is licensed to practice in California and New York. She has worked primarily in Cardiology and has over 15 years of experience in family practice. Minu holds small seminars to bring awareness about disease prevention, anti-aging and how to be proactive.

She also active member of the community and local non profit organizations. Minu has worked with ‘The Make A Wish’ Foundation, and also a part of BHWC.

Minu is very interested in health and preventive care and glad she is able to assist with the health needs of people in all stages of life. She has a special interest in the health and wellness of women, and one of her greatest desires is to go beyond her daily practice and empower women of all ages by making them aware of their inner strength. “Women are strong, we all know that, but sometimes we need a reminder. If you’re a woman, I am your Reminder!”  Minu believes that knowledge is empowering, and wants to bring you the knowledge that can empower you to live healthier and happier life through her art.

If you would like to learn more about Minu’s professional health career, please visit her “Empowerment and Heath” website.